Why Learn to Paint?

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Everyone should take a painting class at least once. Why, you ask? Not only is it a fun way to spend an afternoon, but learning to paint can also include a number of additional benefits!

1. Painting Fosters Creativity

learn to paint Art in Bloom

We’re all born with an innate capacity for creativity. Over the years as various responsibilities come to the fore we can easily lose our ability to express ourselves in creative ways. A wine and paint party is a fun, low-pressure way of reigniting your creative side, while having a bit (well, a lot) of fun doing so!

2. It’s Relaxing

Painting is an inherently relaxing activity. A paint ‘n’ sip even more so! It’s not about being ‘good’ (we spend enough of our lives trying to measure up to some invisible standard). It’s just about reclaiming some time as your own. If you can do that with a glass of wine in hand then all the better!

3. You Can Meet New People

Our painting parties are designed to be social spaces, where breaking the ice is easy and meeting new people is the norm. It’s not always easy to step outside of your comfort zone and make new friends, but we do everything possible to create an environment where this is all part of the experience.

4. It’s Stimulating

Painting stimulates the brain, giving your grey matter a good workout as you attempt to paint your masterpiece. There’s a sneaky amount of spatial reasoning and logic to learning how to paint (not that it at all feels like an exam, it just happens naturally!). You’ll feel enlivened in more ways than one after an Art in Bloom painting party.

5. Acquire a Newfound Passion

A wine and paint party can be a fun day out where you try something new, or it can be a gateway to a life-long passion. Either is fine, but we’ve found that a number of first-timers have gone on to become repeat visitors, along with visiting galleries and learning about art and art history. If we can share our passion and impart an enthusiasm for art then all the better!

Why do you love to paint? Would you like to learn how? Our wine and paint parties are just the thing you need to get started!

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