5 Reasons Art In Bloom Throws the Best Wine and Paint Parties

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If you’re reading this there’s every chance you’ve attended your share wine and paint parties. You know how to paint ‘n’ sip with the best of them. Your walls are adorned with stunning creations from your last few painting parties. You’re something of a painting party aficionado.

So why should you come to Art in Bloom Academy over any other wine and paint event? What makes us different?

With Art in Bloom, you get the best possible wine and paint experience in Auckland, and here’s why:

1. All Skill Levels Are Welcome!

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Whether you’re a keen hobbyist or you’ve never set foot in a painting class in your life, everyone will find something to love about our wine and paint events. Our lovely tutors are adept at teaching anyone and everyone the basics. You’ll be painting your very own masterpiece before the evening is up!

Know your way around an easel? Feel confident in bringing a partner or friend who’s doesn’t, safe in the knowledge they’ll never feel out of their depth at one of our painting classes.

From team-building events to date nights, hen’s nights, birthdays, and other occasions, our paint ‘n’ sip experiences are for everyone.

2. Our Painting Classes Are Fun!

A painting party isn’t just about learning how to paint (though you’ll do that do). It’s also about letting your hair down, catching up with friends, and meeting new people. We’ve cultivated a friendly, open atmosphere at all our paint ‘n’ sip events. One that keeps people coming back time and time again!

Our wine and paint parties are about more than painting (or wine), they’re about people.

3. You Don’t Have to Bring Anything (Unless You Want To!)

Learning to paint can be expensive. If you’re trying it out for the first time you don’t necessarily want to be spending huge amounts on supplies. We’ve taken care of that, providing everything you need to get creating, including paints, an easel, apron, even the wine! Our wine and paint parties are a fun, low-stakes way to try something new.

If you’d rather bring the wine, our BYO painting party events are the perfect place to unwind and unleash your creative side!

4. You’ll Learn How to Paint Like the Greats

Some of our most popular painting classes have included Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Claude Monet’s Waterlillies, and iconic Kiwi landscapes like Rangitoto, and sunset at Lion Rock. A trip to one of our panting parties means taking home a work of art that looks like it could have easily come from the walls of your favourite gallery.

5. Our Range of Special Events

In addition to our regular wine and paint events and BYO painting parties, we also run a series of special events!

There’s our Painting with Puppies event (probably the cutest event on Earth). Here you can learn to paint while playing with (you guessed it) puppies – with net proceeds going to the Auckland Puppy Rescue.

To expand your artistic talents you might want to try our acrylic pouring classes. At this time we’re the only ones in New Zealand teaching this!

Don’t take our word for it – come see why Art In Bloom throws the best wine and paint events by booking into our next painting party!

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