The Best Way to Spend a Summers Day

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Who’d want to paint in the park?

As it turned out…quite a lot of people. I started Painting in the Park with a very singular purpose. I had a skill that I wanted more people to share in.

Let’s be honest, painting is a pretty solitary hobby. I love how relaxing and meditative it can be. But artists can get a bit lonely. So one day a throught came to me… Painting in the Park. It sounded social, whimsical, fun, a great use of our parks and (best of all) it was a pretty nice alliteration.

I put out my first event (for an oil painting of Rangitoto at Mission Bay), and it sold out within a week. The next one I did had two sessions (Galaxy painting at Parnell Rose Gardens), both selling out within a few days.

My first event: Painting Rangitoto from Mission Bay.

Second Painting in the Park: Galaxy Paintings at Parnell Rose Gardens.

So all this time I was thinking that one of my favourite things to do was a dwindling, dying art. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. It just wasn’t accessible or appealing enough to most people.

So here’s my list of reasons why Painting in the Park is THE best way to spend a summers afternoon:

1) You learn a new skill

2) Which happens to be VERY productive
How many things have you made that you can say will last forever? That painting on canvas that you spent 2-3 hours on? Yup, it’s going to last several lifetimes.

3) You meet new people
And you have something to laugh and bond over.

4) You spend a summers day outdoors lounging in the park while doing 1-3 above

Sitting on the grass amongst a beautiful scenery with cool energy vibes from the group and getting that feeling of CREATING something that makes you feel like you’re an artist? Yeah, that’s pretty priceless.

5) It’s for complete beginners

Never held a brush since high school? Neither have most of the people who attend! The lessons are completely step by step with very easy to follow instructions.

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